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David Weekly is a programmer, entrepreneur, writer, and adventurer. He graduated from Stanford in 2000 as a President's Scholar with a degree in Computer Science. He's been programming since he was five but loves to dance and throw parties.

David currently works on Medcorder and formerly was a product lead at Facebook and Google. He founded PBWiki [1] (now PBworks), the world's largest private wiki host. He is the co-Founder of SuperHappyDevHouse, and is a founder and the Chairman of HackerDojo, He also served as the Executive Director of the non-profit Online Policy Group [2] whose California Community Colocation Project he founded in 2000 and grew to several hundred servers across North America, and was also responsible for the seminal OPG v. Diebold case, which established in federal case law the illegality of companies fraudulently using the DMCA to prevent speech.

He went to boarding school in Canada, organized surveys in Sweden, taught computer classes in Ghana, "warwalked" Frankfurt, crashed with locals in Tunisia, and traveled around the world in 18 days.