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Bihar train derailment

Coordinates: 25°34′20″N 86°35′25″E / 25.57222°N 86.59028°E / 25.57222; 86.59028
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Bihar train derailment
Location of the derailment
Date6 June 1981 (1981-06-06)
LocationBagmati River, Badlaghat (near Khagaria), Bihar
Incident typeDerailment
CauseUnknown, likely a cyclone
  • 235 (official)
  • >500 (estimate)

In the Indian state of Bihar, on June 6, 1981, a passenger train carrying more than 800 passengers[1] between Mansi (Dhamara Pul) and Saharsa, derailed while crossing a bridge and plunged into the river Bagmati.

After five days, more than 200 bodies were recovered, with hundreds more missing that were feared washed away by the river.[1][2] Estimates of total deaths range from 500 to 800 or more.[1] By the afternoon of June 12, the government had completed its recovery efforts and had issued an official death toll of 235 passengers, with 88 survivors. The death toll included three people whose bodies were not recovered.[3]

The crash is the deadliest-ever rail accident in India.[4]


The cause of the crash is uncertain and the events were not well documented. Theories as to the cause of the crash include a cyclone,[5] flash flooding[6] and brake failure.[7]

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