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Wikipedia:Goings-on/June 5, 2005

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Welcome to Wikipedia's goings-on. This page is a central point for community members to collect current information about the community project and to report on recent goings-on. In a sense, it's an announcement page, but it is supposed to collect even those kinds of information that are normally not announced on pages like Wikipedia:Announcements (e.g. arbitration progress, outspoken newcomers, amusing things, etc.). However, please notice that this page is explicitly not for discussion. When listing topics here that are being discussed or have been discussed, please link to the appropriate discussion page and discuss it there. For a project-wide update of events, see the Meta goings-on. For Votes see Wikipedia:Current surveys.

This page is archived in a weekly digest-like fashion, every Sunday at 0:00 UTC.

Goings-on in the week starting Sunday June 5 2005

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